HARP Foundation Board

The HARP Foundation Board is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that has been securing funding since 1995 to enhance and enrich the infrastructure of the Riverwalk.

The Riverwalk gives our community an opportunity to beautify and revitalize the heart of downtown Pueblo and promote economic development opportunities. It has proven to be a lively tourist attraction where residents and visitors can walk, shop, and dine, and ride on the Riverwalk Boats- experience festivals and movie nights. This is Pueblo’s happy place and you can help make the next phase a reality!

Looking to make a donation to the HARP Foundation Board? There are several different ways you can help us out!
Call the HARP Foundation Board Office 719-595-0242 to discuss gifting opportunities or visit Ways-to-Give and donate today!

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Riverwalk 1a Expansion Project

Phase IV of the Riverwalk Enhancement Project includes the extension of the existing channel eastward toward Santa Fe Ave.  The extension will add additional pedestrian linkage to Downtown Pueblo, as well as parking, and event space.

The project also includes construction of a multi-level Boathouse, which will serve as a public gathering space. The Boathouse will welcome Riverwalk visitors and feature public restrooms, information, and space for boat ticket sales and refreshments.  The open-air roof-top will be available to the public for events and community gatherings with a stellar view!

For over 20 years the Riverwalk has been the centerpiece of downtown Pueblo for social and civic functions. The Riverwalk’s location makes it the anchor for all major civic investments and it is the primary component of the redevelopment of Downtown Pueblo.

To date, the HARP Foundation has raised $479,621 to fund project enhancements such as furniture, fixtures, and equipment within the Boathouse, and continue to collect private contributions to achieve their fundraising goal of $750,000.  Every drop counts!

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Harp board members

Laurie kilpatrick

Board Chair

bill vidmar

Vice Chair

larry ohrdorf


marty garcia


David Anderson

Board Member

Ken White

Board Member

ken west

Board Member

Eppie Griego

Board Member

Elizabeth Gallegos

Board Member

Beth Gladney

Board Member

Tracy Velasquez

Board Member

Brian Lucas

Board Member

Pueblo Riverwalk Sponsors

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