The Veteran's Bridge is a one of a kind bridge here at the Riverwalk.

The Veteran's Bridge is a one of a kind bridge here at the Riverwalk.

With thousands of names of men and women from all five branches of the Military! Know of someone on the bridge and can't find where they are located? Visit the Kiosk under the bridge and look up the name.

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Don’t let your veteran be forgotten… uphold their name forever on Veterans’ Bridge in Gateway Park

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Veterans' Bridge Biography

Memorial Day at Veterans Bridge“Veterans’ Bridge” on the Historic Arkansas Riverwalk of Pueblo (HARP) is a partnership between the Pueblo Veterans’ Council, the HARP Foundation and the Pueblo Medal of Honor Foundation to further Pueblo’s proud tradition of honoring veterans. 

The concept was first conceived in 2005 during the planning phases of the HARP Phase III expansion known today as Gateway Park.  A pedestrian bridge providing channel fluidity was included in the original design but fell victim to construction funding shortfalls.  However, an idea almost immediately presented itself to expand on  Pueblo’s Congressional distinction as “Home of Heroes” by highlighting all veterans along with its four Medal of Honor recipients.       

Veterans’ Bridge Steering Committee Chairman Gus Sandstrom stated “Pueblo has one of the highest concentrations of veterans in the nation.  This bridge will forever honor the sacrifice of the men and women who served our nation.  We owe our freedom to their sacrifice.”

Successful fundraising helped bring the dream to fruition in 2010.  More than 6,859 veterans, family and friends have already donated to ensure a specific individual is honored.  At this time there are less than 292 spaces left for veterans names.  The Colorado Department of Transportation and Department of Local Affairs were also major contributors and strong corporate partnership was achieved with over a dozen local area business and private foundations.

The $1.6 M bridge is the only monument in the United States recognizing veterans of all military branches and duty statuses.  It is also the first time in history that families can group family members who are veterans together regardless of which branch of service they served in, or whether they served in peace time or war. 

A total of 7,148 names will be prominently displayed on the bridge along with Pueblo’s four Medal of Honor recipients, the 5 military branch seals and the flags of both Colorado and the United States. 

The HARP Foundation partnered with the Veterans’ Council and the Pueblo Medal of Honor foundation to establish and maintain an online database honoring Medal of Honor recipients and Veterans recognized on Veterans’ Bridge. Veterans recognized on Veterans’ Bridge may submit a biography and picture to be posted on the database. The database is accessible through kiosks found beneath Veterans’ Bridge, at the Pueblo Convention Center on the Riverwalk, or at

A grand dedication ceremony was held on November 11, 2010 on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month.  What this monument represents will be everlasting.      

For more information on Veterans’ Bridge please call the HARP Foundation at (719) 595-0242.

Looking for a name on Veterans’ Bridge? Visit the kiosks under Veterans’ Bridge or go to to search for a name.

Memorial Day at the Veterans' Bridge

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